1969 Ranchero

1969 Ranchero

1969 Ranchero rebuild and repaint

The owner acquired his father’s 1969 Ranchero S code 390 4sp manual and decided to attempt a restoration. He disassembled the car, stripped it to bare metal, started cutting out panels. At this point he realized it was beyond his capabilities to complete the metal work.

When the car was shipped to the shop it was determined that to metal much metal had been removed causing the integrity of the car to be beyond repair.

The customer was called and given the news that the car was not a candidate for restoration. He was advised to find another car and use the original one for parts.

2 months later the customer found the exact car that was a good candidate for restoration and purchased it. He disassembled the car and shipped us a rolling shell.

The car was dustless blasted to bare metal. The drivers bed panel was replaced, along with with new door and hood hinges. Bodywork was done and it was painted base coat clear coat then color sanded and polished to a mirror finish. The engine bay was prepped and painted. Front and rear glass with molding was installed. The bed liner was tinted to match the exterior color of the car and sprayed. Dynamat , new carpet, and headliner were installed.

The customer then completed the drivetrain and upholstery.