1971 Mach 1

1971 Mach 1

1971 Mach 1 restoration

This 1971 Mach 1 had seen better days. In the early 90’s it was purchased with the intent of restoring it. The drivetrain was removed and the vehicle was parked outside where it sat for the better part of 20yrs. The car still had the original paint and complete interior.

The car was cleaned of pine needles and the interior removed to evaluate the build. A low mileage mustang coupe w/air was purchased as a donor car for the drivetrain, AC heater box, and misc. parts.

Rust damage was removed and replaced with metal from the donor car. Both doors were also replaced with the donor car. New hinges were installed and the doors were hung and aligned.

The inner passenger corner of the hood was completely gone from rust damage. Using the driver’s side as a template the corner was fabricated and welded in place.

The floor pans were beyond repair and were replaced with new floor pans.

The most extensive rust damage was caused by the cowl drain being plugged with pine needles. The metal around the air intake for the heater box completely rusted away causing damage to the A/C heater box, firewall, and cowl. The air intake box was fabricated and installed, heater outlet into the firewall fabricated and welded in place, and a good portion of the cowl was fabricated and replaced. The A/C heater box was replaced with the donor car.

The metal around the battery was removed and replaced. The engine compartment was then prepped and painted semi flat black.

Brake system was replaced, new shocks installed, and the front end rebuilt the undercarriage was then cleaned and undercoated.

The engine and transmission from the donor car was resealed, painted, and given a tune up. The starter, fuel pump, and water pump was also replaced. The drivetrain was installed and a dual exhaust was installed.

Bottom rear valance was installed. Rusted metal on the lower rear quarters was removed and replaced with new metal. Floor pans were also replaced.

The car was then painted and color sanded and decals installed.